The Bank of England

If I know people, like I think I know people, then people like free stuff.

A visit to the Bank of England Museum is free and you can learn about Adam Smith, the history of the rise and fall and the rise of the banks. Why not have a go at quantitative easing?

Have you every picked up a bar of gold? The highlight of this visit is picking up a real bar of gold.

Plan A was get a good strong box,
and some guns

Vast displays of coins from antiquity.


And the highlight of the free visit.


Mr Brown, you forgot this one!

Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden Bar and Cafe

(Open Daily 10 am to 10 pm until late September)

Although I have strolled along the South Bank for many years, I’ve failed to notice the sign to Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden. So, just to give you a gentle hint, look for the GIANT YELLOW CONCRETE STAIRCASE.

I enjoyed a coffee here from the café bar. The menu looked appetising.  I had a stroll around the wild flower meadow and mini allotment, not what you expect in London, a real secret garden, serendipitous.

There’s also a family craft centre, someone asked me if I wanted to join a clay workshop. Alas I would, but I had to get back to work.

Wonderful hideaway, useful to know to impress family and friends when taking them along the South Bank on a sunny day.

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Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden
South Bank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX
Open Daily 10 am to 10 pm until late September
Cost : Free

(ALL SOLD! Exhibition now over) Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and much more! Memorabilia at BFI IMax London


And so much more, Dalek (must go back and get selfie) Cyberman, Harry Potter letter from Hogwarts, Steven Hawking glasses from The Theory of Everything

Good to visit, and see price tags (or starting bids). Might be able to stretch to Ood mask.

Location: BFI IMax London
Cost: Free
Open: until 23rd September

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